The Agricultural Citrus fruits Cooperative of Tragano in Ilia, was founded in 2003, consists of citrus fruits producers only and its statute is consistent with the regulation 2810/2000. Its purpose is to service and promote the economy of its members through the distribution of citrus fruits.

It was recognised as a Citrus Fruits Producers Organization ( Regulation 2200/96) after the decision of the primary agricultural committee of special recognition of the producers' Organizations in Ilia, amended by the Decision 17531/21.12.10 and is now recognized for the orange and the tangerine according to the regulations 1234/2007 of the European, and 1580/2007 of the Commission..

The region of its action is the area defined geographically by the administrative boundaries of the Municipal Community of trayne of the municipality of Penaeus in Ilia, and the wider region where its members complete their activities. There are currently registered 311 members- citrus fruits producers

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