The orange and the tangerine as a source of life

The mood that the winter offers through the garden of the Greek nature are the two favorite citrus fruit which with their presence excite the senses to the necessity, tradition and memories, so that combine the immediacy of the cold with the peculiar characteristic aroma and flavor.

Where is their beneficence based?

Until now we knew that Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C featuring the family the orange and the tangerine. Please note that vitamin C along with vitamin E are the vitamins considered to be the top of its kind. One or two oranges a day exceed the daily needs of the organism for vitamin C. Since vitamin C is water soluble, part of this is eliminated with the expulsion of water from the body(urine and sweat) so its daily intake through food is essential. The quantity of this vitamin to be kept in mind for receiving in an daily basis is about 1000 mg.

  • citrus fruits are protective against excessive weight and obesity, causes that increase the risk of heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure and add to the symptoms of other conditions like arthritis.

  • Citrus fruits appear to offer significant protection against cases of mouth cancers and cancers of the stomach. For these cancers, studies showed reductions in risk of 40 - 50%.

  • One orange provides vegetable fibers covering about 12.5% of dailyrequirement. It has been shown to reduce high cholesterol levels.

  • One orange and one tangerine three times a day is necessary for life.

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